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If you are looking for an animation studio to help you create remarkable storytelling, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you take your dreams to the next level. DREAM IT, CREATE IT.

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Concept Development

Our Creative Team has ample years of experience in the core areas of Storytelling & Concept Development. Just tell us your idea and our expert team will develop it into an interesting 2D/3D animated story!


If you already have a completed story in hand and want to animate the same, our animation team can do it in such a way that it will grab the attention of the viewers and thereby help in the growth of your business.


The compositing and production part is to add the background, voice-over, music, and sound effects! Our technically sound team can assure you with output quality that’s no less than an international standard!

About Us

Onyx Animation Studio was born with a well-experienced and technically talented team of 5 members who joined together remotely to entertain the world. Hands-on experience in international projects, skill set, smooth pipeline, and on-time delivery opened the door to explore more opportunities. Having laid a strong foundation, the team decided to expand their vision and ideated starting the animation company. Thus Onyx Animation Studio was formed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Within a span of 1 year, the team strength has grown to a whopping 50. With the continuous support from clients of domestic and international markets, Onyx is confident of spreading its wings globally.

Our Core Values:

  • Passion is our keyword
  • Our quality is of International standard
  • We keep in tune with the latest technologies
  • Transparency in our services


Own your dream! Make your dreams come alive! We can perfectly create even the dream that may seem incredible to the world, with our fully equipped team.  You can experience your dream in reality and take ownership of your dream!


With a technically sound team that has gained rich knowledge working with top directors of the international animation Industry, Onyx is all set for achieving its goal. Furthermore, the company is also incubating new thoughts to establish its own IP.

Clients We Worked With

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We are the right term for your business. We have the expertise and knowledge to offer impartial advice and services at an honest price.

Our team is here to make your business grow. Make the Right Choice and you’ll hear our Voice. We’ll answer all your queries. You get a solution for your business while we get business for our solution – all at an honest price!

Ideas Galore? Explore with us!

Come to us and you can see your ideas taking a solid shape. Let’s discuss and make it a mutual success!

Hand in hand, let’s make business grow

Unfold your dream to us and our work-passionate team will work with enthusiasm taking a personal interest in your requirements and delivering a 100% satisfied output which will help your/our business to grow!

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Highly Passionate Team with unique ideas

Passion is the fuel that ignites us to reach heights. Each day is a new learning experience for us.  We keep ourselves updated with the latest trend. Passion combined with creativity will go a long way in the growth of our business!

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